Factors In Choosing The Right Retirement Village

Factors In Choosing The Right Retirement Village

There was a great song in 1982 the title was “What about me” the song went to the top of the charts and was the second top selling single that year. One line of the lyrics went like this. “What about me, it isn’t fair, I’ve done enough now I want me share”

Why is this song being mentioned in this month’s blog?

Well according to statistics, it could in a way be a little motivational song for people looking at retirement village living on the Gold Coast. Yes, a little attitude of ‘I have worked long and hard, taken care of everything else, It’s my turn”

Is this what you think is the driving attitude towards making the recrement village decision? Or maybe you have heard tales of other reasons such as the old let’s get the family member into a home as they are too much trouble, or if we get them to move we can sell the house!

Well the truth is the major contributor to retirement village living is? Personal Choice. Yes, that ‘What About me” song is closer to the truth than you might have known.

The key factors in choosing the right Community Village on the Gold Coast are indeed personal, let’s take a look at the numbers form the latest in statistics.

First factor at 69% we find people want a safe retirement community to age in. Maybe the family home was ok in its day, but times have changed, and they don’t feel safe anymore. They might have stayed as it was convenient for those that wanted to visit, but in retirement? The place to stay? Is where they personally feel safe.

60% want a home designed for easy ageing. What do they mean by that? Well the family home might have been ok for a table for five or six but now we are down to one or two, and yes it might be convenient for the Tribal BBQs but now those leaves from the trees are harder to clean up, maybe the stairs are a little bit of a hike. Yes, the place to stay is where things will get easier not harder.

57% They want somebody to look after their home with On-site maintenance. Cleaning up larger backyards, maybe maintaining pools, gardening, painting, small repairs it might get to the point where you must look at quality of time doing the things you really want to be doing and let others do the things you don’t.

Finally, 53% want access to medical services and 47 better access to public transport/shops. The days of the Local Doctor and Dentist have since departed and a lot of public transport routes have been replaced by freeways and on ramps. People don’t always want to have to jump in the family sedan to go shopping would be much easier if it was close by or easy access to a bus, and on site medical would take a lot away from having to travel for regular checkups.

With these five major factors being part of the choice of choosing a retirement village on the Gold Coast it comes down to “What about Me” decision in a lot of cases.

De Paul Manor Estate on the Gold Coast has all the main factors of retirement village living covered so why not come and see us and we will make sure we are playing your song.