Can I receive home support or home care in my apartment?

Yes, community providers are welcome to support you in your new home. De Paul Manor staff are able to assist you (or your family) in obtaining services required.

How will I know when it is the right time to move or if I am really ready?

Your home has become too large, maintenance is a problem, safety and home security has begun to worry you, loneliness or isolation is getting you down, the desire to travel knowing that your home is safe and being maintained, any of these can be indications that the time has come to look at other alternatives. A retirement community may be a solution to these worries by providing a more secure and enjoyable lifestyle thus relieving those anxieties.

I want to reserve a De Paul Manor Estate apartment, but I have to sell my own home first, what are my options?

You can reserve the apartment of your choice while you are waiting for the sale of your existing property on a 60 day contract. An apartment can be secured with only a $5,000 deposit and there is NO Stamp Duty payable on the purchase of our apartments.

Can I have a pet?

Yes, a small pet may be allowed in approved buildings, based on written application and approval by the Village Manager. Guidelines for the management of pets are in the Residents’ Handbook and compliance is part of contractual obligation.

Are family, relatives or friends allowed to reside with me for a short period?

This is your home and we encourage your family and friends to participate in your new lifestyle. Residents are however required to make Management aware of any extended stay by visitors for obvious security reasons.

Do residents get involved in the running of the village?

Yes, principally through a resident’s committee. We, as Management, welcome any input from residents. If residents do not feel comfortable approaching the Manager themselves, they may request a resident’s representative to assist them.

What happens if I vacate my residence for an extended period of time?

Management requests that all residents give notice of such periods of absence, in order to allow an extra watchful eye to be kept over your home and to ensure the usual safety and security is maintained. All fees must also be paid during these times.

What does the General Services Charge cover?

These charges are paid on a per calendar month basis and cover items relating to the general operation and maintenance of De Paul Manor Estate. These include: council rates, building & public liability insurance, maintenance of the grounds and recreation facilities, electricity supply to communal areas, administration and staffing requirements inclusive of the monitoring of the 24 hour emergency call system, external pest control, vehicle maintenance and your contribution towards the Maintenance Reserve Fund (MRF).