Feel Young As You Grow Old When In A Retirement Village in Gold Coast

Feel Young As You Grow Old When In A Retirement Village In Gold Coast

If I asked you what does the condition “Gerascophobia” mean, could you answer without doing a Google Search?

Well, the word Gerascophobia is derived from Greek word ‘The Geraso’ which is a phrase that means ‘I am getting old’ and ‘phobos ‘ meaning dread or deep fear.
To an extent, most of us are afraid of growing old. No one wants to lose their youthfulness, develop wrinkles and face other health problems that are inevitable with age. Right since the dawn of mankind, humans have been searching for the mythical “fountain of youth”. The tales and exploits of Spanish and American explorers in search of the waters of this fountain are quite well-known.

But If you took a survey with those around you and asked them what is the major fear they have of growing old do you think they would say, “Wrinkles”, or would it be having “No Money”? The truth is that the majority of those you ask would give the wrinkles answer first with a chuckle but then would more than likely say, “I don’t want to be alone”

It’s a major fear, the thought of being by yourself when you are older, you have to worry about medications, security but the main reason behind the fear is the loneliness, the thought of talking to a wall each day or just watching TV, no visitors, no mates to chat with is something we, humans, dread.

De Paul Manor Estate on the Gold Coast doesn’t need to search for the meaning of “Gerascophobia” and is designed specifically for over 65s, De Paul Manor Estate is an intimate, ‘boutique’ retirement community nestled amongst landscaped grounds and natural bushland just minutes from the fabulous Gold Coast beaches in central Ashmore. Featuring just 79 spacious apartments, De Paul Manor Estate exudes a distinct sense of quality throughout and offers a maintenance-free lifestyle, complete with a host of resort-style amenities including, an exclusive ‘Residents’ Retreat’, state of the art security, a community of new friends with similar values, so you won’t ever be alone. And a caring, on-site management team focused on providing the very best service for residents.