Let Us Be Part Of Your Retirement Dream

Let Us Be Part Of Your Retirement Dream

It’s 2019 and your 65, that means you were born in 1954, have you ever thought how much things have changed since 1954, do you ever even consider some of the major events that happened in 1954?

Let’s take a little walk down memory lane

In 1954 Queen Elisabeth the second visited Australia for the first time, the Queen is now 92 by the way.

The First Mass vaccination of Children for Polio began in 1954, I bet you can remember the fear when you saw those needles a few years later at primary school.

For the Old Rock and Rollers, can you remember, Bill Haley and The Comets Rock Around The Clock? Well, that was released as a single in 1954, seems like it was yesterday.

The Four-Minute Mile? Roger Bannister broke that record in 1954, and not to be outdone Diane Leather becomes the first Woman to run a mile in under five minutes as well.

Elvis Presley? He released his first record in 1954 “That’s all Right” he recorded his last album in 1977.

For Lovers of AFL, the good old Doggies (Footscray Football Club) secured their first Grand Final win in 1954 and it took them a long time to win another, they had to wait until 2016.

The very first Godzilla movie made its premiere in Japan, and the very first Hungry Jacks (Burger King) opened up in the USA.

So, year 1954? Was a pretty big year in many ways, and just in case you’re wondering we were still in pounds shillings and pence. Another key point? Since 1954 until 2019 we are all living longer, in a mere 65 years, the average life expectancy has gone up by 10 years for men and women, and in the past few years with all the incredible advances in Medicine, that figure is rising even faster.

Compared to 1954, we are living longer and the best part? We are fitter and healthier and doing more enjoyable things in life like dancing to Rock Around the Clock is something retirees of today love to do, in 1954? They would have been resting. With energy and passion, your retirement should be an awesome time of your life, and like all the other changes since 1954, needs and desire of retirees have also changed including where they will live for those retirement years.

Completed in 2010, De Paul Manor Estate is a retirement community on the Gold Coast and is an ideal destination for your retirement lifestyle. Designed specifically for over 65s, De Paul Manor Estate is one of the premier Retirement Village on the Gold Coast. It offers the intimate, ‘boutique’ retirement villages community nestled amongst landscaped grounds and natural bushland just minutes from the fabulous Gold Coast beaches in central Ashmore. Featuring just 79 spacious apartments, De Paul Manor Estate   exudes a distinct sense of quality throughout and offers a maintenance-free lifestyle, complete with a host of resort-style amenities including an exclusive ‘Residents’ Retreat’, state of the art security, a community of new friends with similar values and a caring, on-site management team focused on providing the very best service for residents.

Why not come and visit and see how De Paul Manor Estate can be part of your retirement dream.