Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Who is the fairest among us all?

Mirror Mirror on the wall, a famous line from a fairytale and recently we listened to Charlize Theron in the Movie Snow White utter those famous words into a mirror and then watched her change from an ever-so-young and beautiful lady into an old woman with wrinkles and gray hair.

We all have a mirror and although we may not utter that “Mirror, Mirror” statement, one thing is for sure, we will sooner than later see that grey hair and wrinkles. It is inevitable, and for most of us, it will be a wonderful experience, an easier life, grandchildren maybe, a chance to do things we wanted to do but too busy such as more fishing, golfing or maybe travel.

We should ask ourselves though, do we really want to spend our retirement years still doing chores? Do you really have the urge to get the lawn mower out every weekend, sweep up the leaves from the gum tree? What if you have a pool, are you really interested in unraveling hoses so the vacuum can crawl along the floor and suck up those leaves the tree also dropped in there? If you do travel, do you really want to worry about who is looking after the house whilst your away and whilst we are looking at security, how do feel being home a lot more than before.

These are good questions to ask yourself and your partner, questions I’m sure more than 180,000 older Australians asked themselves and now happily living in retirement villages and independent research shows that majority are enjoying the benefits that a village lifestyle offers.

When it comes to the retirement village question another will surely come up and that is, “Will we be safe and secure financially, are we protected contractually?”

It’s a good question and the industry’s peak body, the Retirement Living Council has released an eight-point plan to provide residents with clearer information about costs and contracts.

The plan, created in partnership with retirement village resident association leaders, also encourages all potential residents to seek independent legal advice before signing a contract and supports an independent umpire to resolve disputes. De Paul Manor Estate already has, as part of its current contract a “Certificate of Independent Advice by Solicitor” which must be signed prior to settlement of any contract with us).

It’s just one of a number of new moves following the recent Four Corners report on retirement villages designed to give new and existing residents better service.

Why not come and see us today and view the wonderful village lifestyle that could be part of your retirement plan.