Muscles At Any Age

Muscles At Any Age

Slow down Old Fella, Take It easy Grand Ma, remember you are not getting any younger.

Have you heard any of these quotes from any of your loved ones or others? Yes, it seems like comments like this become a natural progression as we age, for some reason, many of those around us think that exercise and get up and go should be advised to take a rest, to lay down and rest the moment we hit retirement or close to it.

Well, here is some motivation, you can be fit, you can grow muscles at any age, and that’s a fact.

Is it possible to regain muscle mass after age 50?

The short answer? Absolutely. “Yes, yes, yes—100 percent yes,”

A study revealed that this can be done in as little as 40 minutes of strength training twice per week. The rate of muscle gain was the same for young adults, middle-aged adults, and older adults.

What about Cardio fitness, should we be laying down watching TV or can you look forward to getting the heartbeat up with some aerobic exercise? Protecting your heart is important at any age, but it becomes crucial as you grow older. In fact, those over 50 are likely to gain the most from starting a new heart-friendly exercise program. Cardiovascular exercise keeps your heart and lungs strong.

So, we can safely say that the comments made by those that might be thinking they are looking after you by getting you to slow down, are more than likely holding you back from an even longer and healthier lifestyle that regular exercise will give you.

At De Paul Manor Estate retirement Community on the Gold Coast, you won’t hear anything but Motivation when it comes to getting up and about and being active.

Whether you’re enjoying a few laps in the pool to stay in shape or catch up with friends during a community event at the Residents’ Retreat, there is always something exciting happening at the ‘Manor.’ Here, you’re welcome so join in and be a part of it or simply enjoy the view! Already residents have formed a social committee and special interest groups like the Garden Club, getting together regularly for bocci, cards, yoga, craft, aqua aerobics even a spot of light circuit training in the gym with a qualified Personal Trainer.

At De Paul Manor Estate, a retirement community on the Gold Coast, we truly believe you can build muscle, keep fit at any age.