Retirement Villages: Are They Affected By This So-Called “Cultural Shift”

Retirement Villages Are They Affected By This So Called Cultural Shift

Over the past 50 years there has been many cultural shifts in Australia, a lot of what was the “Norm” has been replaced, some good some bad and over this past few weeks we have noticed a lot of articles about the lack of smaller units or housing in Middle Suburbia of Australia. Is that a cultural shift?

Well if you go back fifty or even twenty years ago and you went to visit a friend after school you could almost guarantee that as you were walking out the back door to have a kick of the footy or play some backyard cricket you would have to make sure you were careful about not breaking the windows of? Granny’s house, you were also warned to keep down the noise.

Yes, back in those days it was common to have a Granny flat or bungalow in the back of the house. It was the residence of ageing parents, or Uncles and Aunties and as the years passed it usually became the third or fourth bedroom for teenagers, walls plastered with the latest pop stars, lots of pajama parties, good fun and the first phase of Independence.

But fast forward to current days and you don’t see a lot of these Granny flats, they have been replaced by “Lifestyle Enhancers” such as backyard pools, Super gazebos with awesome barbeques.

So, what has this change done for the Grandparents, Uncles and Aunties?

What accommodation are they favoring now? As they in most cases still want to be close to the family and all the amenities.

This is where villages like De Paul Manor Estate on the Gold Coast can come in, offering a sense of retirement community apartments and a low-maintenance lifestyle while staying close to family and friends.
The teenagers? Well they are getting used to making their own moves and chasing independence and I can hear a lot of parents being excited about that.

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