Welcome Little Furry Friends!

Welcome Little Furry Friends

Everyone is welcome here, so are your pets.

Throughout our lifetime we often have dependents, they can be our children, nieces or nephews, friends people that over the years needed us. Might have been to baby sit, drop kids off at school or activities help around the house all sorts of reasons but as life goes on so does people’s ability to start to look after themselves (Well a few never stop but that’s ok) and they become independent.

As we get older that Independence becomes more prevalent, our children start when they go to high school, get a license, find a job (at last you say) even start their own families. Friends might relocate to another city. Even though we might complain a little when asked, we can often feel a little lost when that asking slows down.

What do a lot of people do at this stage in life? Get a pet, might be a fish tank, or something exotic like a pet tarantula but usually? It’s a Puppy or a Kitten, a little bit of joy that’s needs attention and looking after. Lots of fun and a Pet is great Company and can alleviate depression, loneliness, and isolation.

As they grow a dog or cat (Don’t know about the Tarantula) can be a great source of friendship and companionship.

Our furry friend friendships of many years can be a concern when looking at a retirement community. Your first thought maybe one of how could you even think of leaving your best friend behind.

At De Paul Manor Estate on the Gold Coast we totally understand, and we are happy to tell you we are Pet friendly.

So, no need to worry. What else is Special? Featuring just 79 spacious apartments, De Paul Manor Estate exudes a distinct sense of quality throughout and offers a maintenance-free lifestyle, complete with a host of resort-style amenities including an exclusive ‘Residents’ Retreat’, state of the art security, a community of new friends with similar values and a caring, on-site management team focused on providing the very best service for residents.

So, when you and your best friend are looking for a great Retirement Community on the Gold Coast? You are both welcome to visit and see what we have to offer.