What Life Was Like In 1950s

What Life Was Like In 1950s

Have you ever wondered what would it be like living in the year 1950 on the Gold Coast?

A bit smaller houses, but a wider back yards, I must say. Space was allotted for playing cricket or kicking the footy, a veggie garden, chooks, often still an outdoor dunny, a detached garage, a shed, a lemon tree, and probably a few other fruit trees.

Often that cricket game or footy kicking happened in the street.

No TV in most houses. (Broadcasts began in 1956, but TV sets were quite expensive and not everyone can afford to have one, really!)

Yes, when it comes to fashion… The male teens adapted the get-up of the popular movies in this era which are Wild One and Rebel Without A Cause. Jeans, leather jackets and boots are everywhere. While the female ones were also influenced by the “Rock n’ Roll” style. Bright colours on skirts and tight-fitting blouses are what you can see.

That is how life was like in the 1950s defined. Was a roller coaster year for all the retirees out there today.

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