When is the Right Time to Look at a Retirement Community?

When Is The Right Time To Look At A Retirement Community

Your home has become too large, maintenance is a problem, safety and home security has begun to worry you, loneliness or isolation is getting you down, the desire to travel knowing that your home is safe and being maintained, any of these can be indications that the time has come to look at other alternatives. A retirement community may be a solution to these worries by providing a more secure and enjoyable lifestyle thus relieving those anxieties.

Well, it was a great opening question and was matched by a lot of really good answers to consider a move to a De Paul Manor Estate Apartment on The Gold Coast.

You might be wondering though out of all those questions is there one reason bigger than another? Some surveys have been done and would like to share with you some of those results, all very interesting.

Let’s start with results with the lowest percentage, strangely a lot of people might originally think they are super important. Surprisingly out of 100% of people surveyed on 2.33% listed no longer wanting to drive as the main reason for wanting to move to a Retirement Community and only 4.35% thought to have somebody else do the cooking would be a great idea.

So, what about spending time with others, did that make it high on the list?

Well at 12.5% its Important and at De Paul Manor you would get the opportunity to meet some great new friends.

But from this point, we start to get into significant reasons why people choose the move to a Retirement Community. Having a great place for Family and friends to visit is high on the list of needs at 22.54%, peace of mind and security which these days is super important comes in at 24.17%.

Even though most people say that once retired it will be great to spend time in the garden, and do some fixing up of the house that doesn’t seem to last long as just on 30.6% of people said it would be great to no longer worry about home maintenance responsibilities, maybe pot plants are more fun than mowing a super large lawn and cleaning swimming pools.

So, what’s next, what are the next major considerations? Well, it’s all about health and happiness, the final percentages were all based on maintaining good health of ourselves and our partners. Moving to a retirement Community took away a lot of worry and stress and allows people to focus on enjoying a lifestyle. Having the chance to exercise, and without all the worry of looking after a home, security act, life can be healthier and happier.

Maybe it’s the right time to come and visit De Paul Manor Estate and see how happy you can be, at the best Retirement Community on the Gold Coast.