A Retirement Community is a Lifestyle Choice

A Retirement Community Is A Lifestyle Choice

Finally, the day has arrived, you clock off for the final time and after all those years of waking up early five days a week, spending time behind a desk, a steering wheel, a machine, a PC whatever work you may have done the time has come, the 65 years have rolled by and it’s now retirement time.

You’re excited, you been saying for so long you are going to get around to do the things you have always wanted to do or you going to do the things you love to do a lot more, work will no longer interrupt them.

So, what do people really do when they retire?

Sleep? A lot of people say they will catch up on some sleep time, well you might be interested to know that the average person sleeps around seven hours a day, so you might expect retirees spend a lot more? Well, the average retiree spends a grand total of an extra 30 minutes a day on the pillow, so not much difference there.

Watch TV? We often hear people say, “When I retire” I will catch up on a lot of tv shows I have not had a chance to watch. So, are we talking about hours and hours a day more than they did before? Well, statistics tell us that the average person watches two and a half hours a day of TV, retirees? It’s another hour so not much of a change there.

Reading? This is a big winner, the average person spends only 19 minutes a day reading, retirees? Well, they become real bookworms as the time expands to almost an hour a day when your over 65.

What other activity do retirees spend more time on?

Eating and Shopping, they spend more time as they are no longer rushed, they don’t eat more or spend more, retired people just take their time enjoying doing so. Overall when people retire they want to relax, they want to socialise more, they want to spend time with others, they want life to be maintenance free.

A Community Retirement Village offers the opportunity to really enjoy that style of retirement lifestyle.

Designed specifically for over 65s, De Paul Manor Estate is an intimate, ‘boutique’ retirement community nestled amongst landscaped grounds and natural bushland just minutes from the fabulous Gold Coast beaches in central Ashmore.

Featuring just 79 spacious apartments, De Paul Manor Estate exudes a distinct sense of quality throughout and offers a maintenance-free lifestyle, complete with a host of resort-style amenities including an exclusive ‘Residents’ Retreat’, state of the art security, a community of new friends with similar values and a caring, on-site management team focused on providing the very best service for residents.