Great Climate, Good Food, Enjoyable Retirement Years

Great Climate Good Food Enjoyable Retirement Years

South of The Border Down Mexico Way Famous Lyrics to a great song by Patsy Cline in 1961, Frank Sinatra also had a version. When people hear that song, you can have visions of a warm Climate, great Food and Beverage, awesome relaxed lifestyle a wonderful day dream to have imagining yourself laying back in a hammock.

But if we sing the same song in Australia and let our minds wander South of The Border it’s a different vision especially when May to August, the thoughts of laying in a hammock with a tropical breeze are replaced with a cold wonder chill and a blanket and maybe being inside next to the fire is a better idea.

Colds and flu are a regular occurrence, yes just give me a home among the gum trees but please make it up North!

We don’t wish to start the old Interstate rivalry with the good bad and ugly of Victoria compared to Queensland, but we have to acknowledge documented facts and those being that a warmer climate offers a great lifestyle, which make for healthier and longer lives. So, when it comes to making a choice about Retirement Living? A major part of the consideration should be the Climate.

If we look at the Gold Coast as a retirement destination, what do we find?

Queensland’s Gold Coast has a sub-tropical climate with around 300 days of sunshine per year, with an average temperature between 21 – 28.4°C.

De Paul Manor Estate on the Gold Coast offers Resort Retirement Living with a famous climate so maybe its time to find Patsy Cline on iTunes plug in the headphones but change the Lyrics to “North of The Border”

Why not come and visit us and see the outstanding environment De Paul Manor Estate has to offer.