The Importance of Friendships

The Importance Of Friendships

Some propose that ageing ‘successfully’ involves the maintenance of physical and cognitive function, the absence of disease, and a sustained involvement in productive activities. Even in our last article we highlighted the importance of physical fitness as we grow older and the facilities we have at De Paul Manor Estate on the Gold Coast to encourage that Physical activity.

But if we look at that ageing “Successfully” comment surely there must be more to that than just taking care of yourself fitness wise, having regular checkups to keep the worry of illness at bay, we also must focus on keeping our minds active with all sorts of regular activities.

One thing that is often missed and its something that plays a key role in successful ageing, what is it? Friendships.

Yes, you can be super fit, have a happy doctor, be a champion at even Computer games later in life but one super ingredient of a long life is having a great Network of Friends, and the varied the network of Friends? The better it is.

Now a few people will be thinking, hey I have family members that’s a good network of friends, well believe it or not, some of those statistically are actually bad for you health (I bet a few of your heads are nodding) they can sometimes have a bad habit of brining up worries or woes in a conversation that tend to stress us more than relax us. Evidence suggests that, generally, the more varied your social network, the happier and healthier you will be, intimate friends are very important for older adults, especially in the absence of strong family relationships.

This is all great, but sadly the number of friends we have, decreases with age, and our ability to get out and about when we are older makes it a little tougher to get those networking skills running again and make some great new relationships.

A Retirement Village is a great asset to build relationships later in life, a close-knit community of like-minded people can be a great partner for a successful and exciting retirement.

Completed in 2010, De Paul Manor Estate is a retirement community on the Gold Coast that is owned and operated by the Southport Catholic Parish and is part of a broader ready-made community along Edmund Rice Drive that encompasses the Mary Immaculate Church, primary and secondary schools, child care and the award winning De Paul Villa Aged Care facility. There is a focus on positive relationships and networks that offer many opportunities for interaction, activities and social times within the Community. Although De Paul Manor Estate is located within a Christian environment there is no requirement for intending residents to have any religious affiliation.

So why not give us a call or arrange a visit you never know who you might meet.