What Will You Do Now?

What Will You Do Now01

Plans, plans, plans and plans.

When I retire I will finally get down to doing the gardening, I will get that handicap down to single figures, I will finally get to travel, I will get to spend more time with my grand kids, I have a lot of books to catch up on.

Some famous words usually uttered at retirement parties when the guest of honor is asked, “So what will you do now” A lot of these activities will last a little while but what about the second stage of retirement? When it’s been a few years, you have played a lot of golf, had a trip or, grand kids are a little older so might not visit as much and as for that garden? Well it might be getting a little wild as it’s a little harder to keep up the maintenance schedule. What’s the plan now?

Maybe you want to enjoy yourself more, maybe you want to be able to really relax without having to worry about the upkeep of the big Gold Coast home, maybe you still want to travel and not worry about will or won’t be in your home when you get back. Maybe De Paul Manor Estate, a Retirement Village on the Gold Coast is a place and a lifestyle for you.

Whether you’re enjoying a few laps in the pool to stay in shape or catching up with friends during a community event at the Residents’ Retreat, there is always something exciting happening at the ‘Manor.’ Here you’re welcome join in and be a part of it or simply enjoy the view! Already residents have formed a social committee and special interest groups like the Garden Club, getting together regularly for bocci, cards, yoga, craft, aqua aerobics even a spot of light circuit training in the gym with a qualified Personal Trainer.

Why not come and visit us today and see and feel a lifestyle that maybe for you.